NOW “US GOVERNMENT LIFELINE PROGRAM’ is providing free government cell phones in Arizona as they knew these are part of our country and also contribute to the country, because each individual is asset for them and their well development and security is government’s responsibility. Citizens who feel they cant communicate to their dear ones just because of their income capacity, are now have to be relaxed as there will be no barriers in their acquaintances. US LIFELINE PROGRAM, not only understand the needs of individual but also considers them as a part of their family.

Today at every sphere of life communication is necessary because human being cant survive without sharing their thoughts, ideas, knowledge and feelings. at each and every corner of the world one needs to understand what other wants to convey which is possible only by communication.

But as we know,there are many people whose income is too low and hence they   cant meet their needs, and thus suppress their desire because they are left with no other option.

Mobile phones are very much necessary for every person. For child, to inform his parents about his safety is his duty and to safeguard their children is parents responsibility which US government understands thoroughly. Especially for girls the world is still harsh as it was in our ancestors period and thus requires a lot of safety which again realizes the need of communication which can only be completed only when one is provided with telecom devices. Today this income barrier can affect tremendously the citizens life and can harm them. Citizens are need to be protected because ultimately their life loss affect the life of country.

AND that’s why our US GOVERNMENT cant take the risk of avoiding life of individuals and thus they want them to live happily and secure life. This is the only motto of our “LIFELINE PROGRAM” to safeguard the life of precious people by providing free cell phones.


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