Free government cell phones in Alaska have finally been introduced to help citizens under the poverty rate find employment and stay connected to family.  Thanks to the federal Lifeline program the citizens of Alaska will get a cell phone free of cost and also free minutes up to 250 as per the plan status.

Phones will be given under certain eligible conditions. These conditions are:

  • Household income which is to be less or at 135% of the state federal policies¬†
  • Medicaid¬†
  • Food Stamps
  • National School Lunch¬†
  • Public Housing Assistance (Section 8)

The free minutes provided in this lifeline program by the Alaska government can be used for various services such as sending and receiving messages, local calling, long distance calls, provide a means for potential employers to contact you, emergency service (9-11), and also for checking voice mails.  The service provided in this program is absolutely free for the cell phone and for given free minutes.  There is no security deposit, no taxes and it will not have any contract, credit check and no billing issues.

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