Free Government Cell Phones in Michigan

The Missouri government has introduced a lifeline assistance program which refers to give free cell phones to the citizens of Missouri. This program is been designed for the people who are living with less household income and for unemployed. This lifeline program as some legibility conditions to avail this offer they are, one must be a citizen of Missouri state and whose household income is less or equal to the 135% of federal policies of state or the person is eligible if the person was already a member of Missouri state federal services like Medicaid, school lunch programs, public housing assistance or any national federal programs launched by Missouri.

The Free Government cell phones in Missouri include free minutes up to 250, which can be used for various purposes such as local calling, text messages, internet browsing, long distance calls and also for voice mail calls. The offer is power packed with 250 minutes where if a user wants more minutes than given then the person can buy the extra minutes with low prices in any outlets. These cell phones also featured with the call waiting and caller id services. The minutes given in this program will be automatically update at every month first week and the unused minutes in any month will be roll back to the next month. This program is an absolute free service without any security deposit or any contracts.

This Free Government cell phones in Missouri can be avail from different sources either by online or offline by simple registration process which includes a valid U.S shipping address. These free government cell phones can be available from three major companies which include Reachout wireless, safelink wireless, Assurance wireless and also available in several other Lifeline service cell phone companies. Apart from these there are also other cell phone companies who do offer the same.