Free Government Cell Phones Launched in Arkansas

Free Government Cell Phones Launched in ArkansasDo you want to own a cell phone, but can’t because you cannot afford the monthly bills? If you are a low-income person living in Arkansas, you never have to go without having a cell phone anymore. Free government cell phones launched in Arkansas, providing you a Free Cell Phone and up to 250 Free Monthly Minutes! You can get a free cell phone if you qualify for this free government benefit program.

You know that being without a cell phone is difficult. In today’s society, having this life-essential technology is more important than ever. Without having a cell phone, you are not able to easily call your family, friends, doctors, co-workers, job opportunities, and have access to 911 emergency services. Now, with a Lifeline cell phone, you can have a cell phone where ever you go.

What Is the Lifeline Assistance Program?

Sometimes nicknamed the free government cell phone program, the Federal Lifeline Assistance Program (or Lifeline for short) was established by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the 1980s. The government benefit program originally only provided discounts on landline phone services for qualified low-income individuals. Later on, Lifeline was updated to also provide cell phone services, and then the FCC approved private phone companies to also provide the service.

Private phone companies are the ones who provide a free cell phone to eligible Lifeline recipients. The FCC does not mandate any company to provide a free cell phone; in fact, companies choose to pay for the cost of the cell phones as a way to help out low-income Americans.

What Are the Qualification Requirements?

Free Government Cell Phones Launched in ArkansasThe free government cell phones in Arkansas will be given to the qualified citizens only. You may be qualified for a free government cell phone in Arkansas if you meet one of the two eligibility requirements: having a household income that does not exceed Arkansas’ Federal Poverty Guidelines, or currently participating in a government assistance program.

Here are some of the government assistance programs that may qualify you for Lifeline:

  • Medicaid
  • Food Stamps, or SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Section 8, or Federal Public Housing Assistance
  • Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
  • National School Lunch Program (Free Lunch Program Only)
  • Most Other Government Programs in Arkansas

How Do You Get a Free Government Cell Phone in Arkansas?

In order to get a free government cell phone in Arkansas, you must apply for Lifeline. We recommend that you first choose a Lifeline service provider. Then, you can apply for Lifeline by contacting them. Usually you can apply either online, over the phone, or by mail.

Now that free government cell phones launched in Arkansas, residents can have a way of communicating with friends and family, have access to emergency services (911) and have a means for potential employers to contact them.

Are you interested in getting a free cell phone with up to 250 minutes every month? If so, you can check your eligibility for Lifeline, or sign up today by entering your information below and clicking on the orange button right now!