Free government cell phones are one of the most successful government programs. Over 8 million people have already signed up for the Lifeline, the free government phone service.

Here are the steps to getting your free cell phone.

Step 1: Find a Lifeline Provider There are several regional companies that offer free government cell phones. To find a provider in your area, visit our states page.

Step 2: Find the Provider that is Right for You All Lifeline providers offer similar services, but there are a few differences. Some smaller Lifeline providers offer fewer minutes, and the types of phones can vary. Do some research and pick the provider that is best for you.

Step 3: Apply After you have chosen the provider, fill out the form and if you qualify, you will receive your free cell phone in the mail. If you qualify under the program-based method and the income-based method, be sure to apply under the program based. It can be more time consuming under the income-based method because you will have to prove your income.