how to get free government cell phone service

If you participate in a government assistance program like Medicaid or Food Stamps, or you have low income, you can also get free government cell phone service. Many U.S. companies can offer you free cell phone service from the government. All you have to do is apply – and we’ll show you how!

The Lifeline Assistance Program is a government program that offers eligible people living in America free cell phone service. The program is so helpful that it has become one of the most successful government programs. Millions of people in America have already signed up for Lifeline, and if you’re eligible, you can easily be one of them!

With free government cell phone service, you’ll have a way to stay connected to your world. With Lifeline phone service, you’ll be able to effortlessly contact friends, family, doctors, work, and 911 emergency services without worry.

There are many companies that are approved to offer Lifeline cell phone service. However, not every company offers their service in every state. This means that you have to choose a Lifeline cell phone provider that is authorized to provide service in your state. Thankfully, nearly every state in America, plus Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico has at least 1 approved government cell phone service provider.

Getting Your Own Free Government Cell Phone Service Can Be Done in a Snap!

signing up for free government cell phone service guide

Here are the steps to getting your free cell phone service.

Step 1: Determine whether you are eligible for the service. Before you can actually sign up for free service, you need to determine if you meet the general eligibility requirements of Lifeline.

To put it simply, if you already participate in a government assistance program such as Medicaid, Food Stamps, SSI, Section 8 voucher, and more, or if you have low income, then you qualify for free cell phone service.

For more eligibility details, make sure you click here to read our eligibility page before applying for Lifeline.

Step 2: Find your state’s Lifeline providers. After you have determined you qualify for Lifeline, you can then find a Lifeline provider in your state. Every state has its own eligibility requirements, and there are several regional companies that offer specific free government cell phone services.

To find a provider in your area, visit our states page. Scroll down our list of state information and click on your state for more information about Lifeline companies approved to offer free cell phone service in your state.

Step 2: Choose a Lifeline provider that is right for you. We highly recommend you visit every provider’s website so you can read about their company, and learn about their availability and plans. You can also contact them with any questions you may have before signing up for free cell phone service.

All Lifeline providers offer similar services, but there are a few differences. Since the Lifeline program is a regulated by the government, there may be rules some companies must follow. Some smaller Lifeline providers may offer fewer minutes, and the types of services provided can vary.

Do some research and pick the provider that is best for you. Read their FAQ pages or Help Centers, ask questions if you have them, and make an informed decision before applying for service. You’re trusting your chosen Lifeline provider to offer you reliable cell phone service, so choose the one that best meets your lifestyle.

Step 3: Apply for free government cell phone service. After you have chosen your Lifeline provider, you should apply! Signing up for Lifeline is generally fast and easy. Most Lifeline providers offer a way to sign up for service right on their website. You may also be able to apply over the phone with a customer service representative, or through a paper mail-in form. Remember that the fastest and easiest way to sign up for free government cell phone service is online through the Lifeline provider’s website.

Enrolling for Lifeline requires these simple steps:

  • Enter your personal information and residential address.
  • Select the government assistance program you currently participate in, or select that you have low income. Most people will qualify based on participation in a government program. If you do participate in a government program, make sure you select this when you enroll. It is much easier to prove your participation in a government program than proving you have low income.
  • Select which cell phone service plan you want. Not every Lifeline provider will offer you more than one plan.
  • Upload proof documents that show you either participate in a government assistance program, or you have low income. Your Lifeline provider will guide you through this step.
free government cell phone service for families
Free government cell phone service helps families stay connected!

Once you have finished your enrollment, your Lifeline provider will set up your account and activate your free cell phone service. Please be patient with your Lifeline provider because the verification and set up process can take anywhere from a couple days to a few weeks. You should contact your Lifeline provider for a more accurate timeframe.

Sign Up for Free Cell Phone Service!

Do you qualify for free cell phone service? You can claim your free government cell phone service in just minutes. Simply click below to apply online for Lifeline!

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(i) the service is a Lifeline service; (ii) Lifeline is a government assistance program; (iii) the service may not be transferred to someone else; (iv) consumers must meet certain eligibility requirements before enrolling in the Lifeline program; (v) the Lifeline program permits only one Lifeline discount per household; (vi) documentation is necessary for enrollment; and (vii) Q LINK is the provider of the services.