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Lifeline Government Cell Phone Program in Texas

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Conversation between Graham Bell and GraySo there’s this guy named Elisha Gray.  Ever heard of him?  Probably not.  He was the guy who arguably invented the telephone.  Wait… What?  You heard right.  So why does Alexander Graham Bell (what an appropriate name by the way, right?) get all the glory?  It’s because Bell beat Gray to the patent office.  I guess no one called Gray to warn him… Don’t be like Elisha Gray; don’t be without a phone.

Free government cell phoneThe US government has introduced a different approach to solve the problem that they provide cell phones free to financially backward people thereby increasing literacy levels of using wireless cell phones. This service is introduced by Government lifeline program that having various features like reduced call rates and special attributes in free cell phone. Now people can apply Free Government Cell Phones in Texas.  You don’t even have to race to the Patent office. Continue reading