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Rhode Island Government Phone Program – Learn to Apply

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rhode island Free government cell phoneAll Americans have been provided with the facility of the Lifeline program.  The program has been initiated to help low-earning citizens, by providing them with free Government cell phones in Rhode Island.

There are, of course, eligibility criteria and quite clearly defined benefits that the program provides.

The program’s basic purpose is to help out American citizens by providing them with discount and/or free minutes!

This helps in making the basic telephone service for low income earning citizens more affordable.  The program can either provide you with a discount on your monthly billing rate or free cell phones. You may have also heard of this program referred to as the ‘Obama phone’ program.

The discount may be up to an amount of $14.  This varies from company to company.  Coming to the eligibility part; you must be a qualified low-income earner. So you must be enrolled in any of the following programs:

obama phone rhode islandApart from this, make sure you get the application form and submit it back with all the necessary documentation to get the benefits.  Free cell phones actually mean free cell phones and free minutes, just in case you were wondering!

All in all, this program is a very effective and quite easy-to-use program built for American citizens who are earning low incomes and helps them in getting their basic need of telephoning!

All that is requires is an application process to go through and once validated you’ll receieve your free phone in the mail in just a matter of days. To get started with that application process, just enter your details in the form below and you’ll be redirected to the Lifeline provider in your state.