There are many independent providers of the Lifeline program and choosing which provider is right for you will vary on your state.  Some providers also offer different plans.  Communication technology has improved drastically in the last few years and we can hardly imagine our lives without it.  Can you imagine what would happen to an old man with severe health condition or a driver with car trouble on a desolate road or an unemployed person who urgently needs a job if cell phones weren’t there?

Unfortunately there are many people who can’t enjoy the advantage of this technology.  Mostly low-income residents, the disabled, and senior citizens fall into this category. They can’t afford a cell phone after meeting other daily necessities.  Federal and state governments launched a program called Lifeline realizing the urge of communication system for these financially-disadvantaged people.  Under this program, free cell phones are given with 250 free minutes to enable these people to avail the emergency facilities.

Previously, people were provided with free land line connection and reduction in phone bills under this FCC mandated program.  In order to provide the service to mass people government has given license to many telecom companies. Government-approved companies offer this service to the people in states where they are permitted to do so. Although there are several companies offering their service to the people, three companies are dominating the this subsidized program run by Federal Communication Commission, which are Safelink Wireless, Assurance Wireless and ReachOut Wireless.

  • Safelink Wireless, a subsidiary of Tracfone, is the largest and oldest provider of cell phones and free minutes of Lifeline program.  Currently it’s running its operation in 31 states and will cover other states soon.
  • Assurance Wireless is the second largest player in this field.  They have their business running in 29 states and on their way to establish themselves in other states.
  • ReachOut Wireless is not as large as the previous two companies but offers excellent offers.  They have permission to provide the free cell phone service in 14 states.